Research domains

  • Cognitive regulation of emotion and autobiographical memory
    For a recent chapter presenting this work see Philippot, P., Baeyens, C., Douilliez, C., & Francart, B. (2004). For a .pdf copy click here
  • Nonverbal behavior in clinical populations
    For a recent chapter presenting this work see Philippot, P., Kornreich, C., & Blairy, S. (2003). For a .pdf copy click here.
  • Bodily feedback and bodily sensations in emotion
    Relevant publications:
    Respiratory feedback in emotion: Philippot, Chapelle & Blairy (2002). For a .pdf copy click here
    Bodily sensations in emotion: Philippot, P. & Rimé, B. (1997). For a .pdf copy click here.
    Breugelmans, S. M., Poortinga, Y. H., Ambadar, Z., Setiadi, B., Vaca, J.B., Widiyanto, P., & Philippot, P. (2005). .For a .pdf copy click here Relaxation and hypnosis in the treatment of pain: Gay, M.C., Philippot, P. & Luminet, O. (2002). For a .pdf copy click here.
  • Emotion induction in the laboratory
    To access a site devoted to emotion induction in the laboratory and presenting 70 film excerpts designed to induce emotion, click here. This site also tells you how to select from the set the most appropriate excepts for your research question. Editing instructions that allow you to construct your film stimuli are also given.