Clinical activities

Clinical services and practice

My clinical practice takes place at the University Psychology Consulting Service for Emotional Disorders (CPS-TE) that I am directing. In that setting, I am providing cognitive and behavioral therapy for emotional disorders in French or English. 
I also propose Mindfulness based intervention for clients of professionals groups. See

For more information on psychological treatments provided and clinical research programs of the CPS, see : CPS-TE

Clinical Training

As an official supervisor of the French-speaking Belgium CBT association, I am providing supervision for psychotherapists. I am more specialised in work with adults experiencing emotional disorders. I have some experience with adolescents as well. Supervisions are conducted in French of Englilsh. 
For more information, contact me via email.

I am also offering workshop on psychological interventions for psychotherapy training. My area of expertise are:

  • Emotional disorders (anxiety and depression)
  • Process-based transdiagnostic approach
  • Experiential/ emotional exposure
  • Emotion-focused CBT
  • Mindfulness based intervention (see
  • Behavioural activation
  • Nonverbal training of psychotherapists